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The studio, in collaboration with Mitre and Mondays, transformed the upper two levels of a former warehouse on Leonard Street in Shoreditch to create a new office, co-working space and bespoke recording studio for music management group, Common Knowledge. Client, Ben Blackburn, approached the studio to be involved in designing a site for Common Knowledge, a creative incubator for new recording artists and ideas. Initially, each specific room was designated a specialist designer but following disruption and delays, Ben appointed us to lead the project as a cohesive whole. The studio then reached out to Mitre and Mondays and Noatune, bringing together each studio's specialisation.

In an attempt to challenge the austerity and inaccessibility often associated with the music industry, the brief was to create a vibrant and flexible social hub that feels like a home away from home. Epitomising the studio's inclination to see a limitation as an opportunity, restrictions on architectural and structural interventions led to an interior defined by bespoke furniture, lighting and shelving to create a modular and dynamic space which facilitates knowledge sharing amongst music professionals and recording artists.