Park House

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    Hampstead - UK

A sculptural addition to a semi detached family home on the edge of Hampstead Heath. The brief was to reassess some areas of a relatively contemporary building, which was showing signs of age and was not working for the family who had recently moved in.

The principle move carves out a new courtyard garden at the front of the house, defining a threshold of security and privacy for the rooms facing directly onto the street. New access is created from the garage to the house through this courtyard.

The woven tapestry like front fence is driven by privacy requirements at different levels - from porous at the base for the dog to watch the world go by, to denser at eye level to create a visual barrier for the front room.

An origami-like folded wing sits like a bird on top of the existing roof, making an overhang to protect the cladding beneath. Bespoke ceramic panels and shou-sugi ban burnt timber continue the woven language across the elevation.

The project is at the feasibility stage and due to go on site in 2023.

Front Elevation




Ceramic Tile Development