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    Landscape, Sculpture
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    Birmingham - UK

PoliNations is an immersive fantastical forest garden that will be coming to Victoria Square Birmingham in September 2022.

We are the architectural lead as part of Trigger Collective and are responsible for masterplanning and spatial design, from the mega tree structures and down to the planted landscape which is co-grown and co-sown by the communities of Birmingham.

We have worked closely with renowned designers Carl Robertshaw, Bronia Housman, plant naturlalists Chris & Toby Marchant and Format Engineers to create a carefully curated landscape of saplings, plants and flowers, under the levitating woven canopies of 5 mega tree structures that will dominate the site, collect rainwater and provide a spectacular backdrop for the events that take place within.

The site will be host to a number of interwctive plant sculptures, sensory gardens, intimate play areas, with three performance stages that will host the free events programme including workshops and performances of live music, dance, spoken word and drag.

This supernatural wonderland uncovers the origin stories of the plants we know so well – daisies, pansies, apple trees, roses – in fact these, and most of the plants we see in our gardens are not from the UK. They tell the story of journeys, movement, dispersal, and new roots.

PoliNations is a celebration of colour, beauty, and of natural diversity. Explore, enjoy and be your true unique self. You can experience music from around the world, an incredible light show each evening, and a grand finale like no other where the tree’s canopies will burst into a joyful cloud of confetti and colour.

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