The School of Life

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    Bloomsbury - UK

The School of Life is a global organization helping people to lead more fulfilled lives.

THISS was commissioned in Autumn 2018 to design and install a new flagship store that would better reflect the brand and ambition of The School of Life. The brief requested a welcoming and dignified retail environment, with the inclusion of bespoke design features to open up a traditional shop interior and build opportunities for customers to engage in conversations with each other.

The shop was organized into 6 areas according to the thematic areas of products. These are displayed on bespoke powder coated metal and grey valchromat shelves around the room.

We drew inspiration from the complex tapestries of Anni Albers to create a way in which to interweave these 6 areas and bring them together onto a central table that would serve as a starting place for conversations in the space.

Using CNC machining, the theme of threads running together were brought together as patterns scribed across the oak surface in the middle of the room. Objects were sited on islands, that could be exchanged and passed between those seated at the table.

We worked closely with specialist fabricators to build the project ourselves, which took place over a short and intense build period between Christmas and New Year when the shop was shut.


  • Photography - Michelle Young

Shop Front



Table Topography